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Chairman’s Message


Currently, Bangpakong Terminal Public Company Limited has responded to its vision to be one of Thailand's leading providers of integrated logistical services that meets the needs of customers in all aspects and creates value for its investors.

At the end of 2015 and all of 2016, the Company expanded its business in the areas of domestic land transportation, crane rental services, freight truck sales and mechanical services. This business expansion was a more complete, cumulative logistical services for the increased number of existing customers and new customers of the Company. More modern technology was used in customer services and the internal processes of the Company. These new businesses increased the Company’s revenue exponentially and are still moving in a direction of growth.

The Company’s port services business does not have a high proportion of the Company’s business. The Company adjusted its strategy by focusing on customers who import and export bulk cargo and optimizing the usage of container freight stations to meet the needs of new target groups that are located in the area of the Company’s ports and have suitable demand for the Company’s ports. If the port and warehouse service projects are accomplished, this business segment will yield better performance.

In the area of corporate governance, the board of directors emphasized that business operations be transparent and in comply as much as possible with the regulatory agencies under the Company’s limited resources. The Company regularly reviews the business code of ethics, corporate governance policies, policies regarding the dissemination of information, anti-corruption policies, protection policies for those who give information, and the investigation of complaints. The Company regularly examined internal controls as well.

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express my gratitude to all shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, the Company’s business supporters, executives, employees and stakeholders which have always cooperated very well. The board of directors has performed its responsibilities intentionally, whole-heartedly and with all our strength and ability in order to revive the Company’s business profits to be profitable in the future and eliminate the lingering burdens and problems that the Company has faced in the past. This includes using caution to maintain the highest possible benefits for shareholders and the Company.   



               General Jongsak Panichkul